“An uneducated society will never think on rational lines. Education not only gives us the knowledge of the world around us but also the ability to change it into something better. With Education we become capable of understanding things, interpreting them, build opinions, start thinking rationally and reach a perspective. So therefore without Education, it is not possible to think of development and growth of any society.”

With this vision of developing society through quality education in order to make it a better place to live, our founders  late Shri G. D Verma  who was a visionary and a far sighted educationist of extra ordinary intellect & late Smt. Krishna Verma transformed their dreams into reality with the foundation of Adarsh Vidya Bhawan in the year 1973. Through their dedication and hard work, the school gained name in a short span of time and became popular with the masses because of its strong focus on human values. They always considered their school to be a second home for its students, which they knew, not only had the purpose of providing quality education & proper learning environments but also had a number of other purposes to serve in their lives from boosting their confidence to understanding the importance of team work to enhancing their social development skills and so on. Their experienced hands always guided students and ensured that they travelled on the right paths. They prepared them for life by giving them the support system and the confidence they needed to face the world.
Though we have come a long way since then, we are quite happy that we continue to progress on the path, our great founders chose. They remain our guiding lights and keep motivating us to do even better. With their blessings, Adarsh Vidya Bhawan has grown today into one of the reputed and premier institutions in the field of education in Delhi.