It is quite non debatable that to provide education, training and skills to a child is the highest form of service. It not only equips a child but also the society and nation at large to alleviate itself of present and prospective problems thus advancing itself to a bright and shining future.We at AVB are committed to our bit of service. Our approach is to provide modern, scientific yet traditional values to our prodigies.As head of the institution, I have immense pride in the rich infrastructure, motivated and dedicated staff and extensive resources.

With these resources well in place, we have been able to provide every child with a learning environment that is stimulating, uplifting and encouraging so that the child can reach to the pinnacle of his/her abilities and is able to enhance knowledge and skills.Over the years, our students have proved that they possess a leading edge in Today’s competitive world.

We at AVB are focussed to channelise energies of each child in the right direction. For this, we explore plethora of activities for him. So as to bring out his talent and interest.

We sincerely believe that no education is complete without interactive and updated learning, so we have smart class rooms which use modern technology to boost learning speed to unimaginable levels. We take up the mission to help our school students become not only successful in their respective careers but also be better human beings and responsible citizens of our nation.

I would like to conclude with my best wishes to all. May you have a shining future ahead.

Warm regards,

Sarla Nautiyal